Remote Senior Project Manager

The Provider Data Consultant is responsible for various activities related to the provider network database which may include any or all of the following: database maintenance, reporting and extracting data for various reports and analyses, initiating database improvement. Provider Data Consultants develop and maintain standards for database integrity and quality assurance, coordinate corrective activities to clean database and retain users, and manage communication processes with other departments regarding database improvements. Other responsibilities include conducting audits and providing feedback to reduce errors and improve processes and performance, maintaining current provider data to ensure the quality of the network, and may be responsible for representing the provider network area on company IT projects, reporting and tracking provider calls and complaints, or for the support, coordination, and production of the paper directory cycles. In this role you will be expected to:

- Anticipate customer needs and proactively develop solutions to meet them.
- Solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions.
- Review work performed by others and provide recommendations for improvement.
- Authorize deviations from standards.
- May lead functional or segment teams or projects.



- 3+ years data analysis and/or audit experience within the healthcare industry.
- 3+ years experience in managing cross functional projects and making presentations.

- At least intermediate proficiency in MS Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

- 1+ years developing and delivering presentations.


- Experience with NDB or equivalent system strongly preferred.

- Experience with UNET, COSMOS, FACETS, NICE.

- Experience working with provider contracts.

- Experience with MS Project Manager.
- 4+ years customer response/customer service experience.
- Intermediate level of proficiency in tracking, trending and reporting on metrics.
- Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

- Undergraduate degree.

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